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Our Approach

Our Approach

Our professional cleaning specialists understand that a crime or suicide scene can be a upsetting and distressing experience for any individual that has walked in on such a scene. The tragic experience of seeing such a horrific setting can be very disturbing and very hard to erase from memory. Odessa Crime Scene Cleanup consists of cleaning and sanitizing the property that has been affecting by a suicide, unattended death, medical accident, or homicide. Blood and bodily fluids can be extremely dangerous to clean up because of diseases like AIDS and HIV.

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Crime Scene Cleanup

We cannot simply knock a building down or demolish a house every time someone passes away in it. The fact is, it is just too common of an occurrence to be dealt with in that way. Many deaths like suicide and unattended death take place in the home and need to be dealt with in a sensitive manner.

The fluids, contamination, and biohazards that often result in death need to be removed by professionals trained to deal with proper disposal of all contaminated items of a crime scene. Many times in unattended death or suicide clean up, bodily fluids could have permeated carpet, furniture, and flooring. In instances like these, it may be necessary to remove personal items, as well as some parts of the flooring or affected areas.

While the psychological effects of a crime scene may linger forever, it is important that any potential health hazards in a crime scene area do not.